You have a problem to solve and it’s you know that this is bigger than the usual design challenges or engineering. What you’d really like is to find someone who can guide your project from ideation all the way through execution with contingency plans at the ready. This is where tactical solutions come into play. What you’ll get is an aesthetically pleasing, well designed, thoughtfully engineered and fully functional solution.

Tiny is a problem solver. He can critically analyze problems, on site, and creatively solve them with available resources, MacGuyver style. This includes a range of work from fabricating set pieces and props to on-set fabrication, fitting and solutions to problems that just didn’t show up on paper.

Clients and Projects

3M, Bachelor Farmer, Budget Blinds, Handsome Cycles, HBO, Hunter Douglas, Jack Links, Proper & Prim, Target, “The Nanny” movie

Rigging and on-set or on-site solution

  • Hang 12’h x 28’w motorized window coverings in a $10M house without leaving a mark
  • Alter 12X20’ motorized window covering to cover 8×8’ french doors with surgical precision while maintaining the ability for it to function properly.  This was done on location,  on the floor at first encounter with the product.
  • Create a properly plumbed shower and jacuzzi tub with hot and filtered water in a set to allow models to be under running water for a shoot
  • Remove and replace 100 year old chandelier without incident
  • Rewire old lamp to accept LED bulbs
  • Fabricate, on location in upstate NY, a wire to power a 4800 WS Speedotron strobe pack with parts from a Radio Shack store
 Thor Industries – Directors Cut